Moo Tong Medicated Oil


Humble beginnings   As one of the pioneers to medicated oil industry, Moo Tong Medical Manufacturing Pte. Ltd. had its humble beginnings in 8th January 1966.

Its founder, Mr. Lim Soon, was a well renowned for his skills and expertise as a Chinese Physician. Using his extensive knowledge in traditional chinese medicine, Mr. Lim Soon managed to let his creation soar to greater heights through the successful treatments of countless patients in Asia.


Moo Tong Embrocation is strongly recommended for all external injuries and pains purposes such as muscular pain, muscular fatigue, numbness, bruises, sprains, cramps, backache, lumbago, stomach ache, insect bites itchiness, stiffness around neck and shoulder.


Moo Tong Liniment is especially recommended for relief of joint pain, backache, lumbago, rheumatic pains, neuralgia pain, arthritis pain, muscular fatigue, stiffness around neck and shoulder.


Moo Tong Medibalm helps to relieve headache, muscular ache, joint pains, sprain, arthritis, stiffness of neck and shoulder. It is also good to be used as a warming up balm for athletes.

How to use: Rub Moo Tong Medibalm gently on affected areas 2-4 times a day. 


Close tightly and store in a cool and dry place with temperature less than 30°c


Moo Tong Clove Oil Essence for Toothache

Natural, Fast pain relief.

For temporary relief of throbbing, persistent toothache due to cavity until a dentist can be seen.

Uses: Soak a small piece of cotton wool and apply to tooth.

If toothache persists, consult your dentist or doctor.

Moo Tong Medicated Oil for Headache

It is used for dizziness, headaches, flatulency, stuffy nose, insect bites and stomach ache.

Apply gently to the affected areas as needed, recommended 3 to 4 times daily.

Not to be used on infants under 3 years old. Avoid contact with eyes, wounds and damaged skin.

Moo Tong Pain Relieving Patch

Helps to relieve muscular pain, muscular fatigue and joints pain associated with stiffness around the neck and shoulders, lumbago, sprains and strains, bruises, neuralgia pains and arthritis pain.

Moo Tong Pain Relieving Plaster also promotes blood circulation.

Direction: Clean and dry the affected areas before application. Remove the plaster from its attached paper and apply to the affected areas. For small areas such as toes and fingers, cut the plaster to desired size. For effective and faster relief, apply Moo Tong Liniment or Moo Tong Embrocation after using the plaster.

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