Siang Pure: A Legendary Herbal Medicine

History of Siang Pure

Siang Pure is the product of ancient Chinese wisdom for a natural cure based on the principle of self-healing. Each herbal ingredient works together to maximize the healing effects of one another to improve blood circulation which allows the body to regulate and self-heal. The unique formulas created and state-of-the-art production process make Siang Pure a miracle herbal remedy for all types of discomforts, headaches, dizziness, feeling faint, nasal congestion, stomach bloating, muscle and joint pains and sprains, bruises and also itches from mosquito and other insect bites. Siang Pure, has been well accepted around the globe as Thailand’s leader in the medicated oil market for over 60 years, passing the legendary, centuries-old oriental wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine from generation to generation. 

Product Information


Siang Pure Oil Formula 1, the original amber oil formula, has a strong signature herbal aroma comprised of Cinnamon and various natural herbs. Each herbal ingredient works together to maximize the healing effects of one another to create heating properties that improve blood circulation and maintain ‘balance’. 


Siang Pure Oil Formula 2 (Mild Formula) is a clear oil that provides a cooling, relaxing sensation with the fresh aromatic attributes of Peppermint Oil. The blend of Peppermint Oil and various Chinese herbs work together to improve blood circulation and maintain ‘balance’ 

Siang Pure Yellow Balm (Hot formula)

Siang Pure Yellow Balm (Hot formula) : Formulated to be highly effective with 29% Methyl Salicylate and a blend of aromatic essential oils from Clove and Cinnamon, The Siang Pure Yellow Balm is used for muscle pains and sprains, joint pains and can also relieve irritation from insect bites.

White Siang Pure Balm (Cool formula) : White Siang Pure balm contains up to 28% Menthol making it the perfect cooling balm to relax your muscles. Simply massage it in targeted areas to reduce swelling, relieve inflammation and improve blood circulation. It can also be used to relieve itches from insect bi


Siang Pure Inhaler has a unique, signature scent from Menthol and Eucalyptus Oil. Siang Pure Inhaler can be used as often as needed because it has only 2% Camphor which allows for increased respiratory functions but does not damage the nasal membranes. Simply inhale it or apply it topically to relieve nasal congestion, dizziness, feeling faint and headaches,


Siang Pure Relief cream is a muscle pain relief cream that is fast absorbing, long lasting and has a subtle natural aroma from Clove Oil. Siang Pure Relief cream contains 12% Methyl Salicylate which makes the cream effective in reducing muscle pain, perfect for those with an active lifestyle to use before and after working out.

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